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Windows Doors Windows Doors

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You: may i have your penis?
Archon68: Not right now, maybe later.
You: what can i do with it?
Archon68: Try talking to me.
You: I love your big long hairy cock.
Archon68: You love my big long hairy cock. What do you like about it so much?
You: It makes me so wet.
Archon68: In what way?
You: In a way that drives me insane
Archon68: Are you confused? drives you insane? Does that make sense?
You: i want you so bad
Archon68: Why do you want it?
You: because i need it
Archon68: Interesting explanation. " Ahem"? You need it?
You: i do
Archon68: When?
You: now
Archon68: What's the hurry?
You: i might change my mind.
Archon68: Perhaps. Would you recommend this action to a friend?
You: yes.
Archon68: Gosh!
You: Let's go!
Archon68: I would like to do that too.
You: i know you would.
Archon68: Perhaps I would.
You: how about with me?
Archon68: How about it.
You: would you do it?
Archon68: I am not so sure if I would like to do it.
You: please?
Archon68: Please what?
You: Please give me your big long hairy cock.
Archon68: Thanks for asking politely. Why do you want it?
You: to put it in my pussy
Archon68: I am having a blast.
You: me too ^.^
Archon68: I'm glad we agree, A GIRL.

The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is for comments not for asking for answers...

So hear they are up to where i died with explanations (if there is one) so you can stop making "comments" like "OMFG what is 57?" or "i don't get it; why is that the answer?"

Four(there's one in A; one in P one in the first O; and one in the second O.). No, but a tin can. (Answer this question backwards) K.O. Click the words THE ANSWER. Go around the flash. Shallots. An elephant. v/Yes! That one (top right). The teeth chews food. n. Click the dot on the i. F'TAANG. Torch. Click H O R S E. (1)t (2)h (3)e (4)a (5)l (6)p (7)h (8)a (9)b (10)e (11)t H. The answer is 17 so click the question number. Stop...HAMMER TIME! Click (B)lue (O)range (G)reen (G)reen (Y)ello. Seal! Top-left. +1 skip. Bran. Click the 'v' in lives. Shoe polish. Arsefacey. Go to 28. A Bun Dance (abundance). Egg mayonnaise. Use the white pathy-thingy-mcdoodle. Woof woof woof. Babycham and human faeces. (1)h (2)i (3)s (4)h (5)a (6)n (7)d 7. Elephants don't like mice so take the mouse off the flash then the elephants will come. A walk. Of course not. Mary Rose. Cylindrical Adventures. Afro. It's the forty-second 42. Tom Cruise. Do the puzzle or be lazy and move the (44.) peice and click the little circle. Top-right. OMFG U KILLS SONIKKU U BASTUD. Put the mouse on the white arrow then clich when the red button appears and turns green. SNAAAKE! Look up you retard:Splapp-me-do. O.K(and actually remember the blue, red, blue, yellow). 3rd from left. Mar mite...but pa might not. No, about 20cm off the ground. A games console for wholemeal biscuts. Remember: Blue, red, blue, yellow. Sheperd's pie. Mash the mouse on the black ball guy with the mouth and eyes really fast. Be honest or it will kill you. Thumbs up. It's simple-Click the Moss. Tasteless white filth. Egg>28. Click the word LARGEST. Click the exclamation at the end of the word WORLD. A big hairy arse on i-s-t (A BIG HAIRY ARSONIST). Stroke the cat until it has an orgasm. LOL, 69(It's a sex joke you silly virgin). Using its anus. Catch the green. Mouse toward the far-left below the question number in the middle and click where the arrow-mouse thingy becomes a glove-finger-thingy. Top-right. Know one knows that(but me). Click ESCAPE> under the (75.). Click Sugar honey honey. Question 77. Click the one that was actually a past answer but since I know you are too lazy to look and can't remember, it's four. Click the U in "What do you mean?" Filthy Romanians. Run the mouse up and down the pole thingy until the lightning hits it. Clip the toenails REALLY FAST. National Dyslexic Associtaion.

I died after this, good luck.
PS no walkthroughs or cheat sheets were used in the making of this.

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Coil Coil

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The controls were fucked up and next to impossible. But I got lucky and completed it. It was immaculate, in every part. My brain buzzed with possible meanings and stories. Here's what I got:

A woman wakes up to find herself coiled up in dead alien tissue. An alien creature then plants a human fertilized egg inside the woman's uterus by hand. The alien creature then rapes the woman. Once the intercourse begins, his bodily fluids cause her to hallucinate. She begins to feel that the alien is comforting and familiar. Once he releases his semen, he fertilizes many of her eggs and the human child she is carrying is poisoned, too. As it tries to settle in her uterus, the fertilized unborn creatures try to stop it. It settles anyway... It then begins to transform into an alien-human breed and begins to eat. Her eggs that were fertilized by the alien consume each other and rapidly grow to the same size as her first embryo. They both are alien-human breeds and are now identical. They begin to hallucinate like their mother and begin to fight, convinced they are seeing themselves and are trying to figure out who's real. The new child consumes the first one and doubles in size. The woman has no clue she is pregnant in the first place, but now begins to feel strange. She knows for some reason, she needs the alien.

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Photogrounds Photogrounds

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Kinda lame

2 for the graphics; however, the concept was entirely lame and the controls were not fun. It reminds me of those tedious typing games from 6th grade. Maybe it would have been better with the arrow keys...

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' Inverse ' ' Inverse '

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Challenging Challenged

The challenging concept of trying to figure out which direction to go in is very unigue and enjoyable. However, once you figure out how it works, it becomes tedious and frusturating. The controls were often unresponsive or slow to react as well.

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RhythmWorld RhythmWorld

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

suggestion for syncing...

Allow people to select the difficulty AFTER they sync a song. Somethimes you start syncing but it is harder than you thought...

Otherwise-GREAT GAME!

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Windows AIDS Windows AIDS

Rated 4 / 5 stars


OMFG! The song that plays hen you log in as God Mr. Brightside by the Killers...

btw Good game...too much like the first. Only real difference was the games...

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Streamline Streamline

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great game. Great music. It was really fun and addicting and the graphics were suprisingly accurate and in beat with the song. But I wish there was a way to gain some lives back...
However, I do think it would have made a better collector game, instead of an avoider game...or maybe some of each.

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!Hungry Blocks! !Hungry Blocks!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great concept. Great graphics. Great control system. I really liked it. It was fun, addictive, fast paced, and quirky:)
The whole thing I would reccomend changing is that you only have one life. I would to 3 lives and then maybe some bonus lives to eat in the game. Other than that, Perfect.